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TAM at the Printers!

Posted April 28, 2005

Well, we're finally at print. We've had a lot of delays with this issue and we're seriously behind schedule, but I think once you guys see it, you'll forgive us. This issue's features are Horiyoshi III and Horitomo (that's right!!), plus we also have Jerry Ware from Atlas Tattoo, Boris from Hungary, A step by step with Guy Aitchison, and a little article from Adam Barton ... plus lots of other cool tidbits including another great Tattoo Tale from Mike Malone and an intro to the Horiyoshi article by Don Ed Hardy! Plus we're officially 16 pages bigger now!

Thanks to everyone contributing to our official TAM flash sets- you guys are the tops! And thanks to all of you who have bought a set to help support our layout guys! Hopefully these sets will earn enough dough to get at least one of our guys on full-time at the magazine, and that means we'll start making some deadlines from here on out. Please consider picking up our first two flash sets- all profit from these sets will go directly to the magazine designers. Help support the cause!

Also, if you are a subscriber to the magazine, with this issue you will recieve a renewal form for your subscriptions- please take the time to fill these out and return them ASAP when you get the new issue. We are comitted to making our deadlines from here on out and the subscription renewal money will help go to this purpose ... so don't procrastinate!

Thanks to all of you for making this possible! I hope you are enjoying the ride.