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Greetings From TAM!

Posted September 26, 2005

Greetings to all of you. I'm happy to announce that we are actually (almost) on schedule with the newest issue of Tattoo Artist Magazine. TAM #5 unveils our slick new look and will arrive next month, (that's October), and be shipped out by the 30th ... on time, actually, for once!

That's because we have hired a new Art Director and developed new packing and shipping methods to speed up our process ... so don't dely another day to renew your subscription! If you want to continue to receive the world's BEST tattoo magazine ever created- please hit the link below and we'll keep you on the mailing list. It's easy and quick- you won't have to fill out any forms this time (unless you've moved) or wait for responses from us, since you already in the database- it is a direct link to your info and payment page. And remember, your subscriptions are what will keep this project going! We need you to continue your support. Click here now!

And just to encourage you along...here's a little teaser:

Issue #5 features my man- Mick Tattoo, from Zurich, Switzerland; it also features sick tatties from Sabado, and Canada's Craig Driscoll.

Issue #6 will feature Mike Malone, Leo Zuluetta, (Maybe) Huck Spaulding, and a few others.

Issue #7 is slated to feature Filip Leu and his enormous *new* photo collection.

Keep up the support!