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TAM Issue #10

Posted September 1, 2007
Just a note to update everyone. TAM issue #10 is at the printer now. A couple weeks and we'll have the proofs back, barring any serious corrections we'll be at press by Sept. 1st, and have the issues in hand sometime in October; subscriber issues, that is. The rest will arrive by boat 6 weeks later.

TAM #10 features:
Horikitsune, aka Alex Reinke, the only non-Japanese apprentice of Horiyoshi III. Alex shares his unique history with us, plus some tips and tricks for Japanese traditional work, and some philosophy associated with "backgrounds" and their significance in the Japanese traditions.

Wido De Marval and his new shop, Water Studio. Wido spent years working for and learning from Filip Leu. His work is amazing and his story also is one of incredible fortune.

Scott Sylvia feature by Marcus Kuhn...what else need we say?!

Dan Trochio's interview is done by Kore Flatmo. Another great, hardly known, artist.

PLUS: A tribute to my friend Mike Malone's memorial service; a new Tattoo Tale for Mike Malone by Margeret Moser, Rollo's ex-wife; a peek into Oliver Peck's and Keith Underwood's tattooing adventure on the Vans Warped Tour; and some coverage of Shawn Barber's most recent show opening of oil tattooed portraits, written by the Grime. And, of course, whatever else we managed to fit in there.

Thanks for all the help and support, tattoo community! You're the best!