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TAM Issue #14

Posted January 20, 2009

Greetings all.

TAM #14 is now in stock and all subscriptions have been mailed. This issue features two variant covers, one by Uncle Allan and one by Tony Hundahl, both featured in the issue along with Steve Byrne.

TAM #15 is already at the printer and will feature Jeff Gogue, Shige, and Scott Sterling! It's a packed out issue, not even enough room to include the normal submission sections or one-pages. Don't miss it.

You can RENEW here if your subscription is up and click HERE to sign up for a first time subscription.

We'd also like to announce the arrival of the Scott Harrison T-Shirts and hoodies! We have both guys and gals shirts and we'll have some pics online soon.

Thanks for your support, everyone.
More to come soon.