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Get TAM Volume 1

Posted March 29, 2014

TAM Volume 1 consists of Tattoo Artist Magazine issues 1-5.


Artists featured in TAM Issues #1-#5 includes: Grime, Horiyoshi III, Jerry Ware, Adrian Lee, Horitomo, Mick Tattoo, Paco Excel, Craig Driscol, Sabado, Phil Holt, Matt Shamah, Jeff Zuck, Ron Earhart, Marcus Pacheco, Jason Kundell, Aaron Coleman, Borris Tattoo, Will Lollie and more…

Book Size: 8.75 x 11,  400+ pages
Canvas hard cover with silver foil stamped front and spine.
Cover art by Hunter Spanks.         

TAM Merch Store

Posted July 1, 2013

Check out the newly redesigned Tattoo Artist Magazine merch store at: www.getTAM.com.

The store is the place to find the current and back issues of TAM, including digital issues. You can also find top quality tattoo supplies and merch. Tattoo Artist Magazine and the individuals we represent stand behind every item sold in our store. Note, all supplies are available to purchase ONLY by setting up an account with us. We will check to make sure you are a professional tattoo artist before shipping.


Tattoo Culture Magazine #2

Posted June 23, 2013

We're very excited to announce the release of Tattoo Culture Magazine #2... and with it, another occasion to do what most believed impossible- to Educate, Entertain & Inspire tattoo fans around the world with articles created by conscious leaders of the professional tattoo community uniquely FOR the public.

This is a momentous opportunity, (and in many ways, a responsibility), for our community to attempt to make a positive difference in the tattoo culture, with a key emphasis on mentoring and helping casual tattoo 'fans' BECOME educated and aware tattoo collectors. We want millions to learn not only how to recognize and get GOOD  TATTOOS, but also WHO the great tattooers of our world truly are.

This job is too important, we need to reach as many people as possible and thanks to YOUR help more than 50,000+ readers of TCM #1 have already been taught by our community project. For this reason, TCM is a two-tiered project...tier one (Extended Editions) is for die-hard, true tattoo collectors... which contains 150-200 pages of interactive content, while a FREE version of TCM will be released 2-3 weeks following the paid edition. This will remain as an educational download, with roughly half the pages of the Extended Edition, but ALL of the contributed content, articles and columns designed by tattooers to teach people the things each author deems important. (And there's room for more voices...so, if you think you have something beneficial and positive to offer readers, please get in touch! We need your voice!

We highly encourage you to help us promote the release of Tattoo Culture Magazine Issues #1 and #2 by sharing posts made on our social media channels. Stay tuned, as we will be making new posts over the next few weeks so please be sure to follow and convey to your fans to SUPPORT this COMMUNITY PROJECT.


Apple App Store: http://bit.ly/18jVH9p
Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire: http://amzn.to/102HslW
(Also available for Blackberry devices)

Tattoo Culture Magazine

Posted March 1, 2013

Built by the Tattoo Community.

Tattoo Culture Magazine is the collaborative project of Tattoo Artist Magazine and professional tattooers everywhere, for the purpose of educating, entertaining, and inspiring tattoo fans worldwide. TCM includes interviews and in-depth bios on some of the very best tattooers in the world, as well as music articles, event coverage, art shows, and general health and development columns for our modern Tattoo Culture.


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