Filip Leu
by Crash

Filip Leu really needs no introduction, and this interview is I'll keep this short. What I'd like to say up front, and what I hope this interview illuminates further, is that Filip is one of the most talented, yet humble and helpful tattooers in the world. In my opinion, the word 'prodigy' barely defines his life and career up to this point and he has decades more to offer/share with the art/tattoo worlds. Filip has been a student of many, his accomplishments are well-known and well documented...but Filip has now also taken upon himself a teacher's cap and the things he shares with us in the interview could well revolutionize many tattooers' thoughts and approaches to tattooing - for the good. I'd like to thank Filip, (and the whole family), for his openness during the interview and for sharing so much with us, his peers, without reservation or ego or want of applause. It's an honor to call him my friend and teacher.

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